Moving to HTTPS

I’ve been planning to move my business site to https for quite a long time now, and last week I finally made the move.

I requested a https certificate for my site from my hosting provider and after payment my site was https!

Of course there were some things to do on my site too, like replacing all the links to https (don’t forget the sitemap.xml) and setting up my local environment to be https ready.

Setting up my local environment for https was one thing that scared me but turned out to be really simple: create a personal certificate in IIS and use that for your site.

I found a great post by Max Vasilyev / Trailmax which shows all actions to take when moving to https:

So go to (or to – you will be redirected automatically) and you’ll be safe 😉



2 thoughts on “Moving to HTTPS

  1. Nice. I see you also implemented HSTS! Keep up the good work. Any thoughts about also integrating your blog into your business website?

    • Integrating the blog into Good question. As software developer it is always tempting to cusom build something, but so far I like the out-of-the-box experience of WordPress.

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