Programming for Android

Programming has long been my career but has been my hobby for even longer: Beginning with the Sinclair ZX-Spectrumin Sinclair BASIC.


Later via Pascal and Visual Basic to now working with C# and JavaScript at work and some Raspberry-PI with Python and PHP in my spare time.
So if you have a smart phone that allows you to do programming in Java it’s very tempting to want to start doing so.
And indeed this is what I did…I started with a small app in order to gain some experience and to see how the Android ecosystem works. The app in question is useful for only a small number of people because in very technical terms: it shows you current data connection and connection status as well as your internal and external IP address. Its name “What’s my IP?” (check it out in Google play)
I got a taste for it so I thought of a new name under which to carry out Android app development: Greenledsoftware.


More information about this and other apps can be found on


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